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3 simple steps to get your certificate

Here is what you need to do in order to get your certificate after attending Hands-on Training. If you are planning to stay only on Online Plan please read about how to gain certificate here.
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Step 1
Case Studies - Complete your portfolio

  • We require you to complete 12 case studies (Click here to learn more)
  • Each client needs to fill in a consultation form (downloaded from the member platform)
  • Each treatment needs an evaluation sheet (downloaded from the member platform)
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Step 2  
Send your portfolio to us

Either post it or scan it all and send it via email (save paper and postage!). Do not email us one by one, all documents to be sent in one email or in one day.

If you want to post it contact us for updated address.
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Step 3
Your certificate is on its way!!!

Congratulations - time to be proud of your Harmony qualification
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Get ABT insurance

Now you are ready to get insured! Do not forget to use 10% discount code HARMONY99
Get insured
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Are you ready to become an Ambassador now?

Get certified first and get in touch to book your assessment day.

Visit us for an in person Ambassador assessment day where you will be observed carrying out a treatment & given any guidance needed to ensure your treatments are at the level we would be looking in our Ambassadors

Pay an annual fee of £99 to be a member of the exclusive Ambassador VIP club

Learn more about the membership

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