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Do the Harmony courses have an Accreditation?

The Harmony Courses are accredited with ABT - Associated Beauty Therapist.

Do I need insurance after qualifying? 

Yes, you do need to get insured when you start working as a Harmony Massage Practitioner. ABT is the insurance company we recommend our students use.

What qualifications will I get?

The course includes A&P which will qualify you to carry out and be insured for Harmony Massage Therapy. You will receive your certificate once you pass your Assessment.

Do I need to be a therapist or have previous experience in any therapy to join the course and qualify?

You need NO previous experience in massage, however as it is a very personal and transformative treatment. It would be beneficial for you to have good communication and supportive skills as clients will often experience an emotional release, we give training on how to hold space for your client when this happens but you do need to have a level of compassion to put your client at ease.

Some people learn this treatment to use on their partners and family, and some people wish to learn for working with the public, you will need at least 3 case studies to work on, it's a good idea to make sure you can find these models before committing to the course.

How do I get clients after I qualify?

If you are new to this field of work and you don't have a client list it is something to take into consideration if you are looking to make a career out of it. The first base is to ask friends and family to be case studies for you, ask them for feedback, and for them to recommend you to their friends, social media is a great way to get business and for free, we will provide you with professional images and pre-written text for you to use. You will also have the opportunity to be added to our website and referral system.

Can I use the Harmony branding?

You will have access to a library of videos, images, and text adverts to use. You cannot call yourself The Harmony Massage® as your business name but you can brand yourself as The Harmony Massage By…… (your name). You will be advertising the Harmony Massage as a treatment offered under your business name. We expect a level of professionalism from our therapists as they are an extension of our brand. If the ethics are breached we reserve the right to ask you to stop using the brand name.

We have trademarked the name Harmony Massage® and Harmony Crystal Facial ® so you can only use it as a subsection in your treatment menu and must be presented with the ® symbol in our styling and colour. You will have access to this template in your marketing section on the platform. 

How many hours does the online training take?

Allow up to 6hrs for the theory content. The online videos are just under 4hrs of running time however you will watch each video at your own pace, pausing to practice each move, depending on your speed of learning this could be anything from 20hrs upwards.

What modules will I learn?

Harmony Crystal Facial®
In this training you will learn about all the components that make Harmony so special:
  • Crystal healing
  • Facial Cupping
  • Gua Sha
  • Crystal mushroom massage
  • Hot stones/ ceramic pods massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Guided Meditation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy healing
  • Sound healing
As well as the necessary theory from health and safety, room set up, contra indications, hygiene procedures through to marketing yourself and bringing clients through your door.

Harmony Massage®
In this online training you will learn a variety of theoretical and practical aspects for the safe and efficient treatment delivery of the Harmony massage, inclusive of:
  • Body, feet, hands and facial acupressure points
  • Working over the digestive area, breast, back and sacral area
  • Tuning into the energy system
  • Chakra healing and energy alignment
  • Energetic clearing
  • Consultation
  • Health, safety and hygiene
  • Contraindications
  • Aftercare advice
  • Room set up

Is online training enough to qualify?

Our online training is very in-depth, it has everything you need to learn the treatment and carry it out at a professional standard. Before you gain the certification you will need to complete case studies and undergo an online zoom assessment. During this assessment, the team will observe you as you carry out the full treatment from consultation to finish on a client. This allows them to ensure that you have grasped all aspects of the treatment and can perform it effectively.

If you have any problems or questions these will be addressed by one of the team, either by email or with a pre-booked interactive call. We do recommend where possible that you attend the hands-on training so that you can experience the treatment and moves yourself and we can fine-tune your techniques.

Will I receive the same qualification as Hands-on training if I train online?

Yes. Once you have completed your case studies and passed your assessment (which can also be done online).

How much is the Assessment?

The first online and in person assessment day is free of charge. Any next attempt we charge £90 per assessment. We would assess you in our clinic in Canterbury however it is possible for us to come to your own workplace. Travel expenses might apply. You will be assessed by both co-founders.

Do I need to get the kit when coming on Hands-on Training?

No. Everything is provided for the training in person.

What kit will I need after I finish the course?

Harmony Massage Kit (Video to watch)

Massage Couch £40-100 (second hand- new)
Head Wrap £15
Memory Foam Face Pillow £24
Memory Foam Head Pillow £24
Smudging Feather £21.54
Energy Bar chime £8.97
Oil & Candle
Heated blanket (optional) £17-40
Couch cover £15

Harmony Crystal Facial Kit (Video to watch)

In Harmony Facial we use:
Essential oil x1 (optional) Cleansing balm Facial oil Body oil Toner Moisturiser

Signature tools we use in the treatment: Akwaterra Exfoliating pods x2 Hot stones x2 Gua-sha stone x2 Crystal mushroom x2 Crystal eye mask x1 Facial cups x1 large and x1 small

Additional essential items: Heated cabinet or Hot towel steamer Flannel x1 Mitts x6 Chakra crystals 7

What is the hands-on class schedule? 

Harmony Massage hands-on days run from 9.30 am -5pm
Day 1. Consultation and Back of body
Day 2. Front of body and Aftercare
Day 3. Full routine carried out twice through
Day 4. Assessment day

Are there any exams on the Hands-on course?

On the last day of hands-on training, you will perform the full routine on another person as your assessment. In addition to this assessment, to receive your certificate, you will need to complete 12 case study sessions. After each session, you will need to submit the forms with reflection and feedback. This allows us to assess your progress and ensure that you are delivering the treatment at a professional level. Once all requirements are met and we feel confident in your abilities, we will issue your certificate as a qualified Harmony Practitioner.

The Hands-on dates do not work for me?

If none of the advertised dates work for you and you still want to come to Hands-on Training please get in touch and will try our best to accommodate your request. We are always thinking of future dates and would be happy to work to your requirements if possible.

What else can I learn after the basic training

Once you have mastered the Harmony Massage ® you then you can book advanced Harmony Guided Meditation Program Add-on Training and take it even further and train in the Mind Reset, which is a series of questions followed by a personalised guided meditation to be carried out at the end of the massage to help people breakthrough any stubborn emotional blocks.
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