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Harmony Massage creators - Helen & Wioleta

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Joining forces Helen and Wioleta have brought their vast knowledge and expertise to create a hybrid treatment that delivers incredible results.

Over the years both Helen and Wioleta have worked with thousands of clients with a wide range of emotional and physical ailments. They believe that emotional dis-ease within the body, if left untreated, leads to physical manifestations of disease.  Their desire to help others is what drives their passion. Harmony Massage is the creation of that passion.Seeing how results of their treatment changed the life of their clients inspired them to dedicate their professional life to further advance education in all forms of healing. Their treatment is constantly evolving as they believe continued learning is vital.

Harmony Massage quote
“I have been a client of Wioleta for many years and I always say to friends when recommending her that she’s a million times better at massage and treatment than the offerings at high end expensive hotels I have tried. The harmony massage is a very different experience to anything that I have have had previously and it really does take you to a different place!


Helen Porter


Helen has been working with alternative therapies since 1997, training in a wide range of treatments. Recognising the benefits that each modality was able to achieve, she began to combine the individual systems together in order to deliver an all encompassing treatment that had greater, and more profound results.

Helen opened her first clinic at the age of 19, and to date has wealth of 21 years of experience within the holistic industry field. Her areas of professional engagements include teaching, mentoring, and running various successful businesses. She has lectured in beauty therapy and sports massage at Canterbury College, travelled the world as both a teacher and a student, training in Ayurvedic, Thai, Reflexology, Sports, Swedish and Aromatherapy massages. She is also an Angelic Reiki Master and Usui Practitioner.

Harmony Massage - Helen Porter
Harmony Massage quote
“This was an amazing experience. A calm inviting environment, followed by a wonderful deep massage treatment. Helen was both friendly and professional. I can’t explain how I felt afterwards, uplifted, comforted as if I’d been wrapped in positivity and peace. Thank you so much.

Harmony Massage - Wioleta Janik

Wioleta Janik


With over fourteen years of experience and extensive training in beauty and massage therapy, Wioleta is an extremely passionate practitioner,  who adopts a holistic approach to each of her treatments.

Wioleta has trained all over the world, passing on her knowledge and experience to students and future practitioners, whilst managing a commercial spa in one of Kent’s colleges. Throughout her years of experience she has managed various high-profile spas, including The Mayfair Spa in London.

Now an owner and manager of her own business, Wioleta’s passion for everything with wellbeing shines through every treatment she offers.

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