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Harmony Massage Experience 2hrs

In this balancing ritual we take the benefits of a hands on massage and combine it with energy work to create a beautiful and profound healing experience, bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into alignment.

By cherry picking the best elements of various therapies such as Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Remedial, Womb, Abdominal, Thai and Swedish massage we have created the most powerful and transformational experience imaginable.
2hrs £300
Course of 3 £750 includes 1 free Guided Meditation

Harmony Massage Experience & Guided Meditation

Combining the power of Harmony Massage and the benefits of guided meditation this ultimate balancing ritual is perfect for both the mind and body.

Using gentle breath work and meditation we help to remove old emotions or beliefs uncovered during the session and replace with a new empowered way of thinking. The manual massage releases physical blocks, reiki for rebalancing the flow of Chi and guided meditation for shifting subconscious emotional traumas, negative beliefs and habits. We highly recommend a course of 3 for optimum transformational healing.
2.5hrs £350
Course of 3 £900 includes 1 free 75min Harmony Facial

Harmony Facial

Bring balance and harmony to your skin, mind and soul with unique chakra healing and crystal facial. A deep cleanse followed by hot and chilled crystal massage with aspects of lymph drainage, reiki, acupressure and European facial techniques implemented to deliver a truly holistic facial experience. Incorporating the face, head, neck, shoulders and breast area for a full heart opening healing. This unique and dynamic facial will leave you glowing and smiling from the inside out. 
75min £200
Harmony Massage client quote
“The way that the Harmony Massage has been designed, made me feel as though nothing was missed and it was the most wholesome body and soul treatment I have ever experienced. Afterwards, I felt calm and as though a lot had been released. After a few days of recalibrating, I felt better and clearer, and plan to have further treatments, as recommended.”


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Harmony Moments is our selection of handpicked much-loved independent brands to help support your wellbeing lifestyle. Enjoy the power of Harmony at home with our curated range of products and services to complement our treatments and to help bring harmony, balance and peace to your everyday life.
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